frogVentures invests our global firm’s comprehensive capabilities to help entrepreneurs and business leaders launch new ventures. We collaborate closely with our partners to quickly identify opportunities, develop solutions, and build the infrastructure required to launch new products, services and businesses into the market. Through Venture Design, our portfolio companies start smarter, iterate faster, and establish crucial design & strategy capabilities that support their growth.

With frogVentures, we share risk and collaborate toward reward by investing our services into our portfolio companies. We work with leaders who seek close partnership and a success-based compensation model.

What We Do


We work with early stage startups to hone their business strategy, then embody it in their brand, products and services, then launch into the market.


We collaborate with later stage startups and established companies to develop and launch crucial new product lines or stand-alone businesses.


We work side-by-side with our partners to reorient their businesses toward breakthrough opportunities and stronger results, leveraging existing assets and momentum.


We immerse our partners in our approach, building their internal Venture Design capabilities. We provide hands-on training and support to incubate, grow, and sustain innovation from concept to prototype to launch.