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Shaping lives through product experiences.

Culturally, product design is now center stage—products are increasingly becoming expressions of personal identity, and dramatically faster development cycles are underpinning rapid innovation. Thanks to their positive experiences with digital devices, people now have similarly high expectations from all of their interactions with a brand—from services to spaces. 
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frog’s consumer product design approach looks beyond the object itself, developing systems and foundational concepts to transform and enhance everyday experiences.

Meaningful Interactions

Consumer products are the personal items we live with day to day, which directly give shape to our lived experience. frog works with our clients to create meaningful goods embedded within larger systems—everything from wearable devices to connected mobility to educational tools. Our process explores ways to authentically express an item’s materials, source, history, and ritual use while identifying new opportunities in connected experiences that push the boundaries of product design.

Multidisciplinary Perspectives

Because frog is composed of many multidisciplinary teams, we have the experience and know-how to seamlessly navigate the complexity of new technological frontiers. With skill and craft, we work collaboratively to create connected objects, work seamlessly with large experiences and environments, and create new forms of value for our clients.

Energizing Partnerships

At frog, we value relationships. We work with everyone from the skilled in-house design teams of international companies to nascent startups eager to crowdfund their first product. Our insight-driven approach ensures that, even after the project wraps, frog’s work continues to inform our clients’ progress.

Every Facet of Design

From hands-on materials research to developing overarching conceptual frameworks to ramping up production on the factory floor, frog has experience working on all aspects of design, including equipping organizations with the right processes and models to sustain innovation. From prototyping to manufacturing to roll-out and beyond, frog shepherds companies through the internal changes that build great brands.

Work with frog

Work with frog

Our work fundamentally changes the way businesses and industries operate, while creating measurable value for our clients, end users and society. 

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“The work we're doing tends to be much more systematic. Instead of designing one-off consumer products we design the foundation for entire companies, which can include whole product lines and the physical spaces where people interact with the products. The work we do informs how our clients design products with their own internal design teams.” — Jonas Damon, Executive Creative Director