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The digital revolution can empower people to make the most of their money.

Technologies like mobile computing, machine intelligence, digital currencies, and peer-to-peer finance have given people powerful new ways to manage their money. But success depends on more than creating new apps or unbundling financial services—companies must fundamentally change the way they engage with customers. 
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With a human-centered approach, frog helps organizations cultivate smarter financial solutions so that more people can dedicate their dollars to the things that matter most.

Personal Connection

In today’s digital world, customers expect simple, instant interactions directly tailored to their financial needs. frog’s deep understanding of the customer experience guides our work with financial organizations, resulting in intuitive, trusted interactions that foster greater financial health.

Customer Experience Innovation

People’s interactions with financial services are increasingly complex—taking place across physical and digital platforms, sometimes simultaneously on different channels, and in ways that continue to evolve and grow. frog thinks in terms of the complete customer journey, helping clients create a seamless and engaging experience across channels, products and services for quick customer adoption and efficient implementation and adaptation over time.

Data-Driven Design

By leveraging data and intelligent systems, companies can now proactively engage with customers before the moment of decision. Using behavioral economics and advanced data analysis, companies can support smarter and more personalized financial management. From personal banking to wealth management, lending, and insurance, frog works with all types of financial organizations to develop agile, scalable tools that reach clients at critical points throughout their decision-making process.

Organizational Transformation

Cultivating a smart human-centered organization is about more than changing technology and redesigning applications. It means developing a company culture and internal capabilities focused on customers, rather than products or services. frog uses collaborative workshops and methodologies, coaching, and capability-building sessions to help organizations change how they operate, creating agile improvement processes to foster user-centric innovation at scale.

Work with frog

Work with frog

Our work fundamentally changes the way businesses and industries operate, while creating measurable value for our clients, end users and society. 

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“We help our clients envision the future and really understand the changing customer experience and the impact of these changes, not only on the product but also on the internal organization. Then we help them work like a startup to design and implement changes quickly and bring them to market.” — Gianluca Brugnoli, Executive Creative Director, User Experience