Designing better health for people, not patients.

There are many communities of people—including consumers, caregivers, and healthcare professionals—engaged in the pursuit of better health, and frog works with all of them to design solutions that meet their needs. We seek out opportunities at every scale, from shaping people’s personal experience of wellbeing to working with large systems of healthcare professionals to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.
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Combining new technologies, emerging business models, and user insights, we help healthcare innovators create products and services that are embraced by users, improve health outcomes, and create lasting business value. 

Making Healthcare Personal

Whether focused on making life easier for people living with chronic conditions, or helping family members age gracefully, we design solutions to support independence, health, and dignity at every stage of life. We apply over four decades of expertise in understanding human behaviors and motivations and use new technologies to help people take control over their health and wellbeing.

Empowering Professionals

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals deserve and expect better tools to deliver better care. We immerse ourselves in their environment and co-create with them to develop deep insights into their needs, goals, and workflows. Leveraging best practices from our work in many industries, we design devices, software, and services that professionals love to use because they save time, reduce errors, and maintain focus on the patient, without compromising regulatory compliance.

Strengthening Services

Health is a lifelong journey. Whether helping people to navigate the complexity of the healthcare system, or working to create a more transparent and inclusive system to serve the people and communities that need it the most, design can make that journey better. By mapping care pathways from a human-centered perspective, we shape innovative service solutions, design the technology platforms and business models that support them, and facilitate the cross-functional collaboration needed to make them successful.

Work with frog

Work with frog

Our work fundamentally changes the way businesses and industries operate, while creating measurable value for our clients, end users and society. 

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"frog tackles the complex challenges of healthy living, disease management, care access, and health equity at a global scale. We believe in better health for all, and we make it real by combining technical expertise with an empathetic and human-centered design approach." – David Steuer, Executive Director, Healthcare Practice Lead