Automotive and Transportation

Leading the next era of mobility means rethinking everything from ownership models to interfaces.

The rise of new technologies like self-driving cars and ride-sharing apps are just the beginning of a new future for our streets. In order to bring our clients to the forefront of change, frog advocates a powerful, user-centered approach for harnessing new technologies and business models, driving innovation to get people where they need to be—faster, cheaper, and safer than ever before.
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Beyond Connected Cars

Software and networking advances are opening up new opportunities to reshape the interface between people and vehicles—beyond connected dashboards. frog’s people-centered process means that every aspect of an interface is not only technologically excellent, it is focused on advancing the human experience.

Technology Pressures

Autonomous cars, exotic fuels, and changing ownership trends mean that transportation organizations cannot continue with a business-as-usual approach. frog’s multidisciplinary process is uniquely positioned to help companies create new viable business models, including fleet ownership, maintenance, and branded experiences.

Systems Approach

Connected transportation experiences leverage an entire ecosystem of products and services, many of which require vastly different development cycles. Digital technologies are developed and become obsolete much faster than physical vehicles, for example. frog tackles the full complexity of these systems and creates holistic, impactful experiences that help companies stay ahead of the curve.

Global Insights

The transportation industry is at an exciting intersection of global trends and market forces—the app economy, expanding service sector, energy innovation, and more. Because frog works in all of these areas, across many industries and markets, we are able to identify powerful new opportunities and potential partnerships for our clients.

Work with frog

Work with frog

Our work fundamentally changes the way businesses and industries operate, while creating measurable value for our clients, end users and society. 

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“frog operates over so many different verticals in different industries. We see health care. We see neonatal care in Africa. We see women's running shoes, enterprise software, mobile software, TV. It goes on and on. We bring that cross-human experience exposure, and the trend watching across those verticals, and we bring that expertise and that knowledge to the table when designing vehicle interfaces and the ecosystems that feed them.” - Matt Conway, Creative Director