The Art and Science of frog

frog's disciplines provide specific value to our clients. They sit at the core of all our services and offerings.


Interaction Design

Our interaction work spans software applications, websites and mobile apps to gesture and embedded interfaces. Our designers look hard at the underlying architecture to make sure all the interfaces we design are fast and easy to use.

Industrial Design

Computers, cruise ships, cameras; televisions, toasters; set-top boxes, medical scanners — if you name a category, chances are we've designed for it. Regardless of product type, our industrial designers specialize in one thing: bringing emotional appeal to physical forms.

Visual Design

Design is as much about emotion as it is utility and ease of use. Our visual designers do it all, from concept development to page layouts, design language systems to typography and brand identities. They are stylistic chameleons with an ability to bring beauty and clarity to even the most complex systems.

Design Research

We develop a rich understanding of cultures, preferences, and behaviors to get to the heart of what matters to people. Our research methods are tailored to each program to uncover meaningful insights for our clients.

Design Technology

Design technologists work closely with creative teams and engineers alike, building out concepts to communicate designs quickly and eloquently. They imagine, prototype, and deliver state-of-the-art user experiences across platforms and devices.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers bring form to concepts through component selection, prototyping, and design detailing. They work through the feasibility of physical designs at every step, ensuring that the concepts, detailed designs, and renderings deliver the design vision.

Copywriting and Technical Writing

We help clients define their target audience and tone of voice.  Our copy delivers on this vision to ensure quality and consistency across all written documentation and materials. 

Film and Motion

Our film and motion designers come from traditional filmmaking and advertising backgrounds. They integrate fully into project teams to express complex ideas clearly and powerfully.


Software Engineering

Software Engineers solve technical design problems through the programming of software components, UI presentation layer, logic, middleware, and data services tiers within software application stacks. They provide relevant subject matter expertise to inform tactical software platform considerations as needed during the creative design and architecture phases of work.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring quality is an integral part of how we work. To keep programs running efficiently and accurately, our QA engineers track decisions, details, feedback and changes, ensuring consistency and coherence across all deliverables.

Functional Assurance

Functional Analysts develop robust requirements definitions and technical specifications to make sure code meets expectations and regulatory considerations. Functional analysts work closely with design technologists and solutions architects during development to keep software projects on-time and on-budget.

Solutions Architecture

To ensure the successful delivery of software products, solution architects are responsible for critical factors like performance, security, and stability. Solution architects define and craft technical requirements to ensure the design vision is realized and market ready.

Strategy & Program Management


Our strategists work closely with clients to help optimize the performance of products and businesses. Strategists combine functional expertise and industry knowledge to evaluate, plan and bring new products and experiences to market.

Program Management

Program managers coordinate the relationship between client and frog teams. They help represent client needs, deliver the vision, and give voice to all team members. Program Management keeps progress moving forward--ensuring that work is on brief, on time, and on budget.

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