Product Realization

Quickly and effectively deliver products, software, and services.

Technology is transforming user experiences, allowing for enhanced workplace productivity, greater interpersonal connectivity and deeper, more meaningful relationships with customers.

Recognizing this shift is critical, but it’s only the first step. Realizing its potential requires a deep understanding of the technical strategy, engineering and architecture that moves digital products from concept to reality.

Our Product Realization service enables businesses to quickly and effectively deliver products, software and services that move markets and enhance the human experience.

By adopting a cross-disciplinary, iterative approach and testing early via simulations and prototypes, frog ensures compelling concepts are implementable, while integrated design and development teams create synergies and efficiencies that result in higher quality designs and faster time to market.


Product Realization Management

Our team plans, assesses, and monitors critical steps throughout the development and manufacturing process to ensure the design vision is maintained.

Product Development

We provide ongoing technical expertise to ensure the feasibility of our concepts and secure a seamless transition to manufacturing and industrialization.

Software Development

We engineer software, services, and architectures for digital products and platforms that deliver on the design and business vision.

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