How We Get Things Done

Our workshops, methodologies, and practices help us confidently and collaboratively solve complex business challenges.



frogThink workshops build alignment and generate fresh ideas. Our clients work side-by-side with frog facilitators through a series of structured exercises to target a specific set of problems and reveal new perspectives and opportunities.


frogFocus helps clients identify spaces for innovation through a combination of ethnographic research and quantitative analysis. The result is a rich view of opportunities broken down by customer profiles, preferences, and purchase points to inform the design process.



futureCasting takes clients outside of current business realities and explores ways of shaping an industry's long-term future through structured workshops, trend analysis, and provocations. This forward-looking view of a business climate shifts our clients current thinking and long-term strategies.


frogMob is an open, crowdsourced approach to design research. People around the world submit pictures from moments in everyday life that provide a quick visual pulse on behaviors, trends, and artifacts. By tapping into our global network, we quickly identify patterns across markets and geographies.



On-the-ground work allows our teams and clients to develop a deep cultural and contextual understanding. frogImmersive embeds our research team alongside our clients and their stakeholders in the context of a culture, community, or market. To build bridges into these communities we work with local teams that ensure we gather the most meaningful and actionable insights for our clients.


frogFilm offers a powerful way to socialize complex ideas in a clear and engaging way. Research documentaries, vision videos, UI simulations, infographics, product commercials, and case studies are a few of the ways we utilize frogFilm.

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